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Bonaire launches the Bonaire Bond in celebration of Earth Day

April 21, 2022

Bonaire Bond website screenshot

This year, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) celebrates Earth Day with the launch of a new destination pledge. The theme of this year is: ‘Invest in Our Planet’. Now is the time for Bonaire to continue with its efforts to preserve and protect our island, our community, and our livelihoods for future years.

TCB officially launches ‘’The Bonaire Bond”, a thoughtfully designed destination pledge inviting visitors to sign a promise to travel responsibly and respect the island with a goal to sustain Bonaire’s natural appeal for years to come. The Bond is designed to serve as a reminder of how critical sustainable tourism is to the livelihood of its local community and to take it a step further, the island will reinvest in its conservation efforts by adopting a coral tree through the Reef Renewal Bonaire foundation on behalf of visitors that commit to this cause with their signature.

In the pledge, visitors are asked to commit to respecting the environment, to be mindful of the wildlife, and to be aware of how inherently bonded the community is and long has been to the stewardship of its surroundings. It also serves as an educational tool on how to behave sustainably while on the island.

The TCB will use multiple channels to educate and encourage visitors to commit to The Bonaire Bond and will actively reach out to local businesses and residents to join the movement and set an example, while in turn giving back to preserving Bonaire’s beautiful and fragile ocean reefs.

How can you support?

Island partners and the local community can also help spread the word about “The Bonaire Bond” and our island’s commitment to sustainable tourism with marketing tools and shareable assets for their website, social media and e-newsletters. On the website, there is a ‘partner toolkit’ tab with easy instructions on how to share “The Bonaire Bond” on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn), your emails, website, booking confirmations, and in real life via a printable QR-Code display card.

Visitors can sign the pledge on