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Bonaire joined Travel Counsellors Suppliers Day in Tiel

March 24, 2022

Training over 140 Travel Counselors to become Bonaire Experts

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) joined the Travel Counsellors Suppliers Day in Tiel as part of the 2022 Marketing action plan with the objective to educate our international travel counsellors on Bonaire’s vision and its offerings. One of the key messages shared is our vision on High-value, low-impact tourism: Redefine Bonaire as a unique premium destination.

Travel Counsellors acts as a liaison matching the right traveler with the right destinations around the world which fits within the vision of Bonaire for the future.

The Travel Counsellors organized their suppliers’ day, with participation of over 140 Travel Counselors, 21 business partners with 35 representatives.

During this event, TCB had the opportunity to give a series of workshops to a large number of premium travel agents focusing on experience driven destinations. During the more than 10 rounds of 12-minute workshops, TCB explained the unique selling points of the island and had fruitful conversations with the agents on several developments on Bonaire. The general sentiment was very positive. The agents were very pleased to see the recent developments happening on Bonaire and were happy with the presence of TCB at the event.

According to Ryan Hart, Liaison Europe for Tourism Corporation Bonaire “After more than two years we received a warm welcome from the Travel Counsellors. We were very pleased to see enthusiastic and motivated agents. We are happy to be able to present Bonaire at another live event. We are pleased to see more and more ambassadors for Bonaire who are now considered Bonaire Experts.”