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Bonaire is Organizing its Second Annual Bonaire International Sports Week

March 21, 2024

INDEBON, in collaboration with Fundashon Wega di Number Bonaire (FWNB) and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), presents an exciting second edition event for the sport, wellness, health, and well-being industry of Bonaire.

Sports Week events will be held from March 21st to early April. Everything starts on Thursday, with an opening ceremony at Casa Bizarro with the partners responsible. The week showcases Bonaire’s active community and positions the island as a sports destination for locals and visitors.

The Bonaire International Sports Week schedule spans across the island, offering a diverse range of sports activities. From local tournaments to international competitions and clinics, the aim is to engage a wider audience and foster participation in many sporting events throughout the week. Additionally, the platform allows local athletes to showcase their talents.

The upcoming weekend, starting March 22nd, promises to be bustling with various activities. The ABC Beach Volleyball tournaments will kick off at Stadion di Playa, offering an exciting showcase of athleticism. Meanwhile, ABC Beach Tennis enthusiasts can look forward to matches held at the court behind Budget Marine. Softball fans can visit Jossy Boekhoudt Ballpark for spirited games, while Pickleball enthusiasts can enjoy their sport at Sporthal Jorge Nicolaas.

Futsal will be held at Veld Sylvio “Chio” Semeleer this weekend and next weekend. Additionally, next week will feature various activities: ABC Billiard, hosted at Sporthal Jorge Nicolaas; Zwem 4-Daagse, occurring at Parke Tului Domacasse; TIRABON at Kancha Arthur Enrique Mauricio; and Xtreme Mountain Bikers. Throughout the week, the Xtreme Mountain Bikers will conduct clinics at schools, culminating in an event the following weekend.

The Bonaire International Sports Week attracts visitors and locals to embrace their athletic enthusiasm. While the event primarily features competitions and clinics, it culminates in an inclusive Kaminata and Kareda di Pia, details of which will be announced later, inviting everyone to participate.

More updates and information will be available on the social media platforms of the various clubs involved.