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Bonaire Friends Program by TCB Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to Bonaire’s Tourism

December 22, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) takes pride in upholding its time-honored tradition of honoring those who have made substantial contributions to Bonaire’s tourism industry through the Bonaire Friends Program. This initiative serves as a tribute to individuals who have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and a warm, welcoming spirit, enriching the overall visitor experience.

We are delighted to introduce remarkable individuals who have recently joined our roster of Bonaire Friends:

Ginella Martinus
Ginella is synonymous with outstanding service and a wonderful personality. Her commitment to ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience is well-noticed and appreciated. Ginella consistently goes the extra mile to cater to every visitor’s needs. Her infectious smile and extensive knowledge of Bonaire contribute to the guests’ warm welcome.

Joan Obispo
Joan’s dedication to preserving Bonaire’s pristine environment is truly commendable. “Joan showed my wife and I how great the Bonairean people are and really took care of us and our whole group all week.” Not only does she excel in providing diving orientation, but she also actively promotes policies such as “Red, Orange, Green” system for reef conservation. Her customer service, hard work ethic, and genuine passion for the island’s well-being exemplify the kind of employee every business dreams of having.

Emma Sint Jago
Emma and her friends are outstanding hosts who share the rich cultural heritage of the Chich’i Tan house with enthusiasm and respect. Their storytelling and musical performances, such as Tutti Frutti, provide an engaging glimpse into Bonaire’s history and traditions, leaving visitors enchanted.

Baukje Wassenaar
Baukje not only excels as a diving instructor but also extends her hospitality by offering valuable recommendations for exploring the island. Her patience and willingness to answer countless questions greatly enhance the experience for our first-time visitors. Her warm welcome and guidance have left an indelible mark on Bonaire.

Valerie’s quick thinking and dedication came to the rescue when one of our visitors encountered an issue with their luggage. She tirelessly assisted in contacting the airport and ensuring that necessary medications were retrieved from the misplaced bag. Her swift actions truly made her a lifesaver.

Martijn & Sabine
Martijn and Sabine offer a warm welcome to Bonaire, sharing a wealth of tips and recommendations for exploring the island’s wonders. Their cozy and inviting hospitality instantly makes visitors feel at home, and their valuable suggestions ensure that every visitor can fully experience the beauty that Bonaire offers.

Jamie Erkelens
Jamie’s presence at Mezze is nothing short of exceptional. She radiates warmth, friendliness, and hospitality, creating an unforgettable dining experience. Her attention to detail, personalized service, and thoughtfulness, such as personalizing take-out boxes and remembering repeat guests, make her a true Bonaire ambassador and a gem to cherish.

These people, among others, are the heart of the Bonaire Friends Program, and they represent the kind (human)-nature of Bonaire.

In addition to celebrating these outstanding individuals, we invite visitors to share their own remarkable stories with the local community on the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at Tourism Corporation Bonaire extends its deepest appreciation to all the incredible residents of our island for their warm hospitality and unwavering commitment to the success of our tourism industry. We invite everyone to join us in honoring the special bonds and lifelong friendships that have been forged on Bonaire.