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Bonaire Friends Program by TCB Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to Bonaire’s Tourism

December 29, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) takes pride in upholding its time-honored tradition of honoring those who have made substantial contributions to Bonaire’s tourism industry through the Bonaire Friends Program. This initiative is a tribute to individuals who have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and a warm, welcoming spirit, enriching the overall visitor experience.

We are delighted to introduce remarkable individuals who have recently joined our roster of Bonaire Friends:

Esperanza Sanches – December 01, 2023
Esperanza, living in Bonaire for over 29 years, represents the friendliness and warmth of the people of Bonaire. The guest experience is greatly enhanced by her attentive service at Sunset Restaurant and her advice on the island. Her expertise and hospitable manner make a lasting impression on our visitors.

Israel Gil – December 08, 2023
Israel’s talent as a filmmaker and photographer and his passion for showcasing Bonaire’s natural wonders both above and below the water’s surface is truly remarkable. His willingness to share hidden gems on the island, both on land and underwater, adds an extra layer of excitement to every visitor’s journey.

Artie de Vries – December 15, 2023
Mr. Artie’s selfless dedication to various volunteer activities, including mangrove conservation, assisting those in need, coastal cleanup, monument preservation, and more, showcases his commitment to Bonaire’s well-being and is noticed by our visitors. His multifaceted contributions make a significant impact on the island’s community.

Rick Aguilar – December 22, 2023
Rick is a staunch advocate for conserving Bonaire’s delicate reef systems. His unwavering commitment to preserving the island’s diving resources is truly commendable. His efforts resonate with fellow divers and water enthusiasts in California, reinforcing the importance of protecting these natural treasures.

Alberto – December 29, 2023
Alberto’s kindness shone through when he went out of his way to assist a visitor locked out of their rental car trunk. His willingness to provide transportation to retrieve a spare key and offer ongoing support exemplifies the genuine sense of community found on Bonaire.

These people, among others, are the heart of the Bonaire Friends Program and represent the kind (human) nature of Bonaire.

In addition to celebrating these outstanding individuals, we invite visitors to share their own remarkable stories with the local community on the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at Tourism Corporation Bonaire extends its deepest appreciation to all the incredible residents of our island for their warm hospitality and unwavering commitment to the success of our tourism industry. We invite everyone to join us in honoring the special bonds and lifelong friendships forged on Bonaire.