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Bonaire Friends Program by TCB Honors Contributors to the Island’s Tourism

October 19, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire is proud to continue its tradition of recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to Bonaire’s tourism industry through the Bonaire Friends Program. This program celebrates the unwavering dedication and warm hospitality of outstanding individuals who enhance the visitor experience.

We are excited to introduce four outstanding individuals who have joined our list of Bonaire Friends:

George Kultura Thode Stinapa’s Chief Ranger at Washington Park: Mr. Thodé’s commitment to protecting Bonaire’s environment, educating youth, and preserving the island’s beauty was revealed during a chance encounter at the national park, inspiring all who met him.

Claydrick Clarenda: As the welcoming face at Bonaire Flamingo Airport, Claydrick’s warm greetings and profound knowledge of Bonaire’s culture and history have left an enduring impression on countless visitors.

Nicole Pourier: Nicole’s generosity and local insights touched the hearts of visitors, making their Bonaire experience truly unforgettable. Her sincerity and hospitality shone through despite challenges.

Rona Aguilar: Visitors have been treated to an unforgettable experience by Rona’s exceptional service and attention to detail, earning her high praise for ensuring memorable stays on Bonaire.

The Bonaire Friends Program continues to shine a spotlight on remarkable individuals who contribute to making Bonaire exceptional. By acknowledging these extraordinary encounters, we aim to foster authentic connections between our locals and visitors, creating lasting memories.

Visitors are encouraged to share their exceptional stories with the local community through the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at Tourism Corporation Bonaire extends heartfelt gratitude to all our wonderful islanders for their warm welcome and unwavering commitment to our tourism industry. We invite everyone to participate and celebrate the unique connections and enduring friendships formed on the island.