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Bonaire is Attracting New Traveler Types

October 24, 2022

Positive Outlook for winter 2022/2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire in partnership with data expert ForwardKeys has shared the latest projected travel data for winter 2022/2023 based on actual tickets booked to the island of Bonaire. Bonaire has seen a steady recovery post-Covid and is now attracting new traveler types as a result of a newly implemented differentiation strategy.

Flight performances outlook for Bonaire are steady with an average load factor of above 80% for Q4 2022. Additional weekly flights will be returning beginning in December with daily flights from Miami with American Airlines, 5 flights per week out of Atlanta with Delta and the return of the Newark flight with United to accommodate the higher volume of passengers expected for the Winter 2022/2023 travel season.

The Caribbean and Bonaire example are not just about showing a great example of a region recovering but instead about a region that is recovering – despite all the macroeconomic factors taking place now such as the slowdown of the world economy, rising costs of petrol and the effects of the war in Ukraine, “says Olivier Ponti, VP of Insights at ForwardKeys.

In Q4 2022 the tourism numbers accelerate further, well across many nations. Leading the way in terms of overseas arrivals is the Dominican Republic, 40% up on 2019 levels, followed by the US Virgin Islands (+33%), Bonaire (+30%), and Martinique (+26%).

Bonaire is experiencing a growth in the premium traveler category based on the rise in affluent premium class travelers, varied origin markets (North America, Europe, and Latin America) and travel purposes.

Premium cabin travel to the Caribbean in Q3 is up 27% versus the pre-pandemic. Premium cabin travel to Bonaire, specifically we can see a triple-digit increase versus 2019 levels: +110%, this is huge and especially good news not only for the airlines and hotels but for the goods and services sector.

“This is an exact result of our Tourism Recovery Plan and our strategy to target and reach the affluent traveler seeking an eco-conscious vacation experience. Tourism plays an important role in our economic recovery and these data results and findings are our guiding force as we plan,” says Miles Mercera, CEO of the Tourism Corporation of Bonaire.

About ForwardKeys
ForwardKeys was founded in 2010 on the premise that business dependent on international travelers – such as tourism organizations, hotels and retailers – would make better strategic decisions if they knew who was traveling where, when and for how long. The self-funded company therefore developed the most comprehensive database of air travel bookings in the industry, offering detailed information on traveler profiles. In recent years, it has evolved to become a travel intelligence specialist, able to provide insight into not only the flow of international travelers but also their behavior and preferences at their destination.