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Amsterdam in summer fun with the Bonaire Tram

December 6, 2022

The island of Bonaire provides summer fun in Amsterdam. From Monday December 5th, a special promotion can be seen driving in the Dutch capital. Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has come up with this fun action, in which a fully stickered GVB tram will color the streets of Amsterdam.

As a special municipality of the Netherlands and the world’s first blue destination, Bonaire is best known for its unparalleled diving spots and water sports opportunities. The island has a focus on its abundant nature and rich heritage, an ambiance that can be seen on the Bonaire tram.

“With the Bonaire tram we try to provide a cheerful summer ambiance in these dark winter months,” said Miles B. M. Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “With this fun campaign we bring Bonaire back to the attention of our Dutch family. In December and January, people also like to orient themselves for their next holiday, a nice opportunity for the Bonaire tram. In addition to the beautiful photos and cheerful colors on the tram, you can win a great trip. As soon as they spot the tram, they should take a photo in a safe place, which they can send in for a chance to win a fully arranged dream trip.

Bonaire’s renewed focus has helped make the island a destination of luxury, culture and adventure. A complete rebranding of all marketing activities is part of this. Indeed, the Bonaire tram.