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15 individuals receive ambassador recognition

December 1, 2022

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized 15 people as Bonaire Ambassadors in November, this was for 14 visitors and a special award.

In the bronze category, Udo Kraemer was honored, who has been visiting Bonaire for 10 years. Michael and Gillian Skeemer from England, and the Byrd family, John, Sheree and Mallory who have been visiting Bonaire for 12 years, were also recognized.

Rhonda and David Cartwright along with Chuck and Lori Pearson were honored with a silver pin for their 16 and 18 years visiting our island.

A gold pin was awarded to Christian Albrecht and Frank Masuhr, both from Germany, who have been visiting Bonaire for 20 and 25 years respectively.

In the highest category, Mary Stanford and Dwain Gardner were recognized for their 35 years of visit to Bonaire. The couple was honored with a plaque in the platinum category.

TCB gave a special award to Tanisha Baars, of Bonairean descent, for her success as Jiu Jitsu World Champion.

On behalf of TCB, a word of thanks goes to Claire Thielman-Sealy of Captain Don’s Habitat, Dive Hut Boutique Apartments, Tropicana & Bonaire Fun and also to Milton Anthony. Helen Mercera and Virgy Balentin have officialized the recognition ceremony.