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El programa Earthonauts ofrece a los viajeros la oportunidad de pensar en sus relaciones con nuestro planeta y reconectarse con la naturaleza en un viaje a Bonaire con todos los gastos pagados. Únete a nuestra misión y juntos podemos marcar el comienzo de una nueva era para los viajes respetuosos con la ecología.



Hear what the Earthonauts had to say about their experiences.

Jackie Krawiecki Video

Jackie Krawiecki

As an outdoor travel photographer and content creator, Jackie is passionate about venturing off of the beaten path. She’s an advocate for sustainability who supports positive environmental initiatives and uses her work to bring attention to causes that matter.

Jomely Breton Video

Jomely Breton

Jomely is a digital creator and marketing professional, and was recently named one of Tampa Bay, Florida’s 25 under 25. She uses her platform as an influencer to work with brands and local groups that put sustainability first.

Logan Reavis Video

Logan Reavis

An outdoors enthusiast and blogger, Logan documents her experiences as a way to help others who are battling depression and anxiety, while promoting body positivity and self worth. Her goal is to empower women to see their beauty and that of the world around them.

Olivia Blondheim Video

Olivia Blondheim

Olivia is a Ph.D. Student at the USF College of Marine Science, as well as an EarthEcho International volunteer, and she is on a mission to protect our oceans. Outside of her work in the field and the lab, she uses her research to help drive policy, education, and advocacy.


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