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Bonaire is a place unlike any other. Here, less is more. The air we breathe is pure. The only sound for miles is palm leaves rustling in the trade winds, and our people radiate warmth like the sun in our idyllic blue skies.

Here Mother Nature and Human nature live in harmony. We nourish our island and it returns the favor. And while we’re fiercely protective, we can’t help but invite you to explore our shores.

Why? It’s in our nature.

So, we invite your clients to feel the charm of Bonaire. Feel it in our tropical Caribbean waters. See it in our pristine natural beauty. Sense it in the warm smiles of our people. Lose themselves in the romance of the trade winds and our idyllic blue skies all year long. As they adjust to our tranquil pace, the rush of daily life falls away. Here, there are no deadlines. No traffic lights. No bustle. There is simply the freedom of choosing how to spend your day.


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Thank you for booking your valued clients to Bonaire. Tourism Corporation Bonaire would like to reward you with $50 bonus upon completion of your client’s travel for each new flight booking on WestJet. Only flights originating or through Toronto non-stop to Bonaire will qualify for this bonus. The travel period is from December 12, 2023 to April 23, 2024.

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