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Bonaire Yoga & Wellness Week

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Bonaire Yoga & Wellness Week

June 19 - 25, 2023

We warmly invite you to a week filled with everything Yoga and Wellness our pristine island has to offer. For this first edition of the Bonaire Yoga & Wellness week the industry partners have teamed up to offer you a week filling program.

Here is how it works:

Step 1:

Choose from one of our main yoga retreats or book your stay in any of our participating accommodations.

Step 2:

Book your yoga classes if they’re not included in your accommodation.

Step 3:

Book the Wellness package that best suits your needs.

Step 4:

Book your festival day ticket (if not included in your package).


With Laruga Glaser

7/9 Day Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

17-24/26 June 2023

Join world famous Ashtanga Yoga teacher Laruga Glaser who has inspired many a yogi with her ‘the impossible video’ on YouTube and her endless stream of tutorials on Instagram.

Beginners will become familiar with the specifics of the Ashtanga Primary series, while intermediate and more advanced students are expertly guided throughout their practice.

In the afternoon workshops Laruga helps you dive deeper into the foundations of the Ashtanga yoga practice and the yoga philosophy followed by group discussion. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself with a top teacher.


  • 7/9 nights accommodation in Boutique Resort Bamboo Bonaire
  • 7/9 Healthy conscious brunches
  • 5 Mysore Ashtanga classes with Laruga
  • 1 Ashtanga Led Class by Laruga
  • 3 evening workshops
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfers to and from the shala at Bindu Yoga
  • Welcome gift package
  • All day Yoga Festival ticket (9-day package)

7 nights from $1849 shared / $2585 single
9 nights from $2259 shared / $3209 single

With Flowmingo Studio

7 Day Gentle Healing Yoga Retreat

18-26 June 2023

During this 7-day retreat, we will focus on the chakras (energy centers) to release emotional blockages in the body. During our life, we build up a lot of tension, which can cause physical ailments.

We will use different healing modalities during the classes and workshops to better understand ourselves and enhance the connection with our body & mind.

The Bellafonte is a luxury Oceanfront Hotel with a collection of top-notch fully equipped 1 & 2-bedroom suites with a 5-star full-service experience and ultimate privacy.


  • 7 nights in 5-star Ocean front Hotel The Bellafonte
  • 6 morning Vinyasa Classes
  • 6 sunset classes or workshops include:
  • Restorative & Reiki
  • Cacao Ceremony with journaling
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Soundbath
  • All day Yoga Festival ticket

8 nights from $2124

With Innersea Yoga Academy & Mysore Yoga Bonaire

19-day 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

8-26 June 2023

Embark on an inward journey to discover your highest self and true purpose through ancient yoga teachings, introspection, and self-love. This is a soul-rocking, life-changing opportunity to dig deep, connect to your inner Light. Understand samadhi (universal oneness) by connecting deeply with nature, learning about local ecology, farming and conservation.

Our teacher training is designed to help you connect with and nurture your inner child through play, art and movement. Study with Laruga Glaser and discover how to live your dharma by unveiling your inner Light.


  • 18 nights accommodation
  • Techniques, training, and practice sessions
  • Integrated daily asana and meditation practice
  • Eligible to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion
  • 1 week Mysore classes and workshops with Laruga Glaser
  • Practice teaching (on yoga festival)
  • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers
  • Ocean swim, eco-hikes and beach adventure
  • All day Yoga Festival ticket

from $3699 pp

Wellness Packages

Build your own Yoga & Wellness Experience

Whether you want to heal your inner child, reconnect with your sense of adventure, or want to balance the mind, body, and soul, let go of old patterns, or ground and rejuvenate the body as a whole. Our island wellness partners have created an array of transformative experiences to cater to your needs.

To help you choose the wellness packages that suit your wishes best, we have organized them into four categories.


Dive In Depth

Bondage to your inner self (Hypnotherapy)

Discover who you are, where you came from, your life’s purpose/soul plan and what’s driving your actual life circumstances.
Connect with your spiritual guides and get advice from them. Understand where your ailments come from (might it be physically, emotionally or mentally).

From $90,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person or Group session.

Atalanta Healing

Transmuting With The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame cleanses you, helps accelerate or enhance one’s spiritual development. It can be used for healing physical, emotional problems and improves relationships. It transmutes the negative energy into positive, revitalizes & restores your energy field.

From $236,- INCL 6% TAX Per person, 90 min.


2-Day Encountering your soul’s essence

This is a journey to balance the energies of your mind, body and soul to discover your life purpose.
Release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies with Reiki and be guided to discover who you are, your talents, your purpose, and more with a Past Life Regression session.

From $130,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 2-day program.

Evelien Wentzel - Revive Healing

Reconnect with Inner Truth, Harmonizing and rebalancing the Chakras

Harmonize the Chakra’s and reconnect with your Inner Truth through Energy Healing guided and supported by Cosmic Energy. Deepen your Healing Journey and combine Healing with YOGA to rebalance your Chakra’s.

From $65,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 1,5 hrs.

Tuina Massage Bonaire

Let it flow again

Tuina is the massage according to Chinese Medicine. Each treatment takes into account meridians, acupressure points and also the principles such as Yin Yang and the 5 elements.
Treatment is fully tailored to you as an individual to let your body flow.

From $65,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person.


Emotional Fitness with Meike

Access Bars® Package - Amplify your YOU

Stimulate positive change by de-cluttering your (monkey) mind and defragmenting the electromagnetic charge of stress, negative thoughts, bad habits, restrictive belief systems and/or (trapped) emotions. Create space for the real, powerful YOU that you are (and that the world needs more than ever).

From $200,- Per person, 4 sessions á 60 min.

Omnia Holistic Boutique Spa

Inner & Outer Glow Holistic Detox and Beautifying Ritual

Energize and boost your immune system, rejuvenate, revitalize and reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit, leading to a more vibrant and renewed sense of self.

From $275,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 1 day, 3hrs.

Massage Bonaire & Beauty

Slow down, Glow, Heal, and Revive

Get your skin glowing while you slow down with nourishing organic coconut stamps skin ritual, or reconnect with your body and your intuitive energy with our gemstone massage combined with a reiki healing treatment.

From $75,- Per person.


Tara Narain - Mysore Yoga Bonaire

Ancient Ayurvedic Relax to Heal Experience

Experience a full body relaxing massage using ancient rituals. You will be bathed from toe to scalp in Ayurvedic golden liquid. With firm loving strokes Tara massages the herbal oils into your body while rubbing marma points and instantly alleviating pains through Finnish energy healing. The
session will be sealed with an Ayurvedic steam bath.

From $250,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 2 hour session.

Be Beauty Spa at Divi Hotel

Stress Melting Foot Bath & Indulging Massage

Known as the “anti-stress mineral,” Magnesium relaxes the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels by supplementing your body with vital minerals. Enjoy the magic of a magnesium foot bath followed by an indulging massage.

From $120 EXCL 6% TAX.

Madi's Spa

Renew & Relax Massage

Are you looking for the ultimate way to renew and relax?
Renew & Relax Massage will Nourish your skin with natural and organic ingredients that will give you a healthy glow. Madi’s highlight “90-min Deep Tissue Massage” will work on knots or muscle tensions, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

From $175,- EXCL 6% TAX, Per Person.


Felicia Schütte Portraits

Be Bold. Be You. Empowering Portraits

Personal Branding / Yoga Flow Images / Celebrate yourself with “The Flying Dress Bonaire” Photo-Shoot.

From $550,- EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 2hrs.

Berben and Colleagues, Building Community


Let amazement and wonder be your companions. Be strongly triggered and deeply moved to ensure a (subconscious) breakthrough of your patterns, beliefs, and barriers.

From Seeker US$ 175,- as a representative US$ 50,-. EXCL 6% TAX Per person, 4hrs.

Bonaire Yoga Festival

25 June 2023 at Te Amo Beach

Imagine a full day at the beach with various entertaining and educational classes, workshops, lectures and enlightening experiences. Plunge in the crystal-clear waters after a sweaty dynamic yoga session. Dry up in the sand and mesmerize away during a relaxing ocean front massage. Feed your body with healthy conscious foods from the various food trucks and stalls. Browse around the exotic lifestyle market and dance bare feet in the sand on ecstatic dance beats.

Purchase your All-Day Ticket which includes free entry to all classes, lectures and workshops plus the evening ecstatic dance experience. Or reserve single sessions.

Curious about Yoga? The festival terrain is free entry.

Visitors should bring their own yoga mat!

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